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Part 1: Coercion & Voter Human Trafficking?

Local group Chattanooga Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. busted for taking kids from school property to polling locations.

Hamilton Co. Superintendent Dr. Justin Robertson confirmed this group did take kids from Tyner and Howard to polls (pictures below) from school property. Other schools are also being confirmed.

The same group doesn't appear to have a corporate or charity filings in the State of Tennessee nor filed 990s with the IRS. It appears they are working as 501(c4) political organization without authorization.

There is also questions that have arisen about voter coercion, equal and equitable opportunity for all kids across all Hamilton County school district and much more.

More investigative details coming soon with discussions with the Secretary of State, DA and AG on campaign and voter violations that may have occurred through their acts.

What other groups were involved?

Update: Member of the Hamilton County School Board say they had no knowledge this was happening and verifying if all school policies were followed by Central Office and School Leaders.

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