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Patriots are up against a well-organized and well-funded cadre of global and leftist interests that care little for the everyday self-governing challenges of middle-class Americans. If we are to peacefully restore accountability and consent of the governed to our local and national governments, and stand up to well-staffed progressive organizations funded by billionaires, we have to be better involved and organized at the grassroots.


That’s exactly what Patriots Engage is designed to help you do.

Patriots Engage is a unique, invitation-only conservative political action platform that you can use to work with people in your community or nationally to help support America-First conservative policies and candidates. It’s designed as a one-stop shop to help you and your community to better organize and communicate at the grass roots – and more effectively get citizens’ voices heard when it matters.

Patriots Engage provides you with information feeds from different sources that you customize based on your profile information. You can:

  • Start or join a local chapter

  • Build a network to share information across a particular area of interest

  • Schedule and host educational events online

  • Sponsor an organization or event


To help average Americans more effectively and efficiently organize and engage in the political process as our Constitution outlines.


Consent of the governed is our primary principle and this app will help citizens to hold their political leaders more accountable to acting in their citizens’ best interests.

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