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A major problem that conservatives face today is that BIG TECH has become BIG BROTHER. Patriots and conservatives are continually being targeted and censored by leftist big tech groups in an attempt to silence free speech that doesn’t adhere to the official narrative. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

We have collected a list of companies that align with freedom of speech and conservative political ideology. It's time to kick Silicon Valley’s Big Tech to the curb so you can safely take your money, customers and traditional American values to new platforms. Send them the way of Prodigy, CompuServ, AOL, WorldComm, and other digital dinosaurs.

The mainstream social media platform days are numbered living off YOUR INFORMATION and selling it for ad dollars.


The following solutions are recommended by the community members based on the providers history, location, free-speech and other criteria. We do not endorse any specific provider and provide links to others who have reviewed the provider.  Don't wait to be banned.

Companies Conservatives Should AVOID! Complete List

Web Hosting

Travel Apps

Social Media

Social network concept


Smart Alarm System


Mobile Phone




Stack of Envelopes

Domain Name Server


Server Platforms


Payment  Services

Credit Card Purchase

Press Releases

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