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American Target

As everyone snuggles in for a good night sleep the Russians are moving military assets into South America while Communist China is telling its people they are in WARTIME stance against America (Watch Video 1).

China is reported to be converting commercial ships into a China military invasion force. One province is reported to have 1000 of RollOn / RollOff ships, each able to hold up to 6000 vehicles and is stated to be happening across the county. There are 30 provinces in China. Why? (Watch Video 2)

The Biden administration continues to blame Putin for everything and no mention of any other country that ENSLAVES MILLIONS, harvest organs from patients while still alive, or lock up decenters of the party in work camps for life. What would happen if America had NO REAL LEADERSHIP? How would the BAD ACTORS EXPLOIT America's weakness?

Let's explore how these BAD ACTORs would exploit this weakness to destroy America and steps they might take. What if they had inside help?

  • First extort, bribe and leverage corrupt public officials to carry out deeds on their behalf but pretend it is for the "best for the people" to obtain their objectives.

  • Control corporate interest (media, social, etc) through leverage, buyouts, boards, extortion, etc to gain influence and control on behalf of the rouge nations to control messaging.

  • Influence education systems with groups that are designed to break down the unity structure of the "UNITED" States in order to undermine the core values, beliefs and structures of the country from within. Create enforcement arms in education establishments to control/fund institutions to ensure loyalty and silence decenters. Hmm, sounds a lot like Communism.

  • Destroy your supply chain ( Art of War 101 ). No supply chain, no way to restock. Funny there have been no goods being shipping in from China for over a month, just a trickle according to Check out the view off China and the lack of goods movements to the America, but movement intra China and Belt and Road countries around the globe.

View as of 6/22/2022 off the coast of China moving assets but not moving to US/LA/Longbeach

  • Destroy national stock piles of fuel and drive up cost to replenish. You can't run a Military on EVs. No fuel, no planes, no tanks, not response force to an invasion, but that wouldn't happen here.

  • Flood the borders with as many foreigners as possible. Allows infiltration of nation state special forces teams, terror sleeper cells, etc. from other countries all under the guise of immigration. These groups would work on finding all the future targets and/or wait for activation or may engage in sabotage while they wait. This would never happen here our border is closed according to Homeland Secretary.

  • Destroy your the food supply. Give it away, "accidental" destruction of food processing facilities. No food, no long term siege. A starving population is a controlled population. Just bad luck 96+ food processing plants have been destroyed since Jan 2022.

  • Destroy the ability for citizens to defend themselves against enemies both foreign and domestic. Pass sweeping gun control legislation for arms and ammo that can be used to fight back like Ukraine citizens. It's funny 54 Million people around the globe suddenly died after their guns were confiscated by their countries. Just really odd those two cause/effects are related.

  • Destroy your Military from within. Break down the command and control structure using wokeness, kick out all conservatives ( aka extremist ), flood the military with foreign fighters with no national cohesion - bad fighting force. Don't repair or manufacture new technology/equipment or give your stock piles away to 3rd world nations so you have not resources to protect your self. Certainly the leaders wouldn't be that dumb.

This is just a "what-if" and really would never happen here, right? We will just believe the MSM and see what the "REAL" news says about our biggest issues. This week it appears to be the fake J6 trial and pride month. That must be important, especially Pride Month, don't those bad actor states celebrate Pride Month with tall buildings? Oh well, let's just kick back and trust the "capable" leaders in America. Nothing to see here!


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