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Boot on YOUR Neck, Nationwide Tracking and more!


The Hamilton County Commission meeting was like watching an orchestrated Kabuki theater. We have long supported our Constitutional law enforcement agencies when their acts are JUST and follow the "consent of the governed" which this is NOT! The majority DO NOT APPROVE! Imagine what the Founding Fathers would say if Britain had placed 121 soldiers at every road crossing and every time you moved through the area they logged and reported it to the Crown to be used in the future. This is TOTALLY UN-AMERICAN epitome of a Police State! See tracking screen shots, state docs, contracts, terms & more below. Will the County Commission stand by their votes once the CITIZENS confront on REAL FACTS or stick with canned platitudes. Their positions will make GREAT CAMPAIGN POSTERS! We are providing a detailed response to the Hamilton County Sheriff/County Commissions questions, lies (oops deflections) with supporting evidence. Just a few of the 121 potential tracking locations on state roads in Hamilton County (for now). No drive in the country for you, you will be tracked NATIONALLY as part of this Motorola Network! This map only shows 11 potential locations, now think of 121 just by the Hamilton County Sheriff. It is a police state!

WATCH Commission Meeting Video (click to watch):



Concerned a big brother type oversight, control movement of private citizen


"Not overreach" "Administered by state", "In every patrol vehicle since May", "Mitigate crime in community"


​Where was the public hearing with public on "consenting" to be tracked in May in HC?


​Reason he was elected to be efficient, be a visionary, implement ideas and methods to reduce crime


Wrong the REASON you were elected is to UPHOLD the US CONSTITUTION. The ONLY OATH you have for office. Josef Mengele from the Nazi party was a visionary in medical experiments, torture, eugenics, but we wouldn't elect him as our Sherriff.


Two Examples using LPR, fugitive from GA and Alzheimer patient


Story time with Garrett. Distraction from civil liberties

Story 1: Officer going to Normal Park school LPR hits on felon from GA driving a car on road, NOT AT THE SCHOOL. No relations to the school. (Deflection)

Story 2: Long heart sleeve story about elderly lady who LEFT the county and LPR would not have found her. Do you not have cell phone pings?

Were you not capable of finding a missing person for 227 years in TN without LPR (or at least since 1893 when tags were introduced) because policing was so bad? They already have alert notifications on TDOT billboards across the state

We know how she was found and it wasn't from LPRS ( or even if LPRs were in place ). (Distraction)


Since June (really May).. Intercepted 15 vehicles.


How many scanned/saved innocent civilians vehicles just to capture those 15 vehicles? 1000, 2000, 15000.. Let's do the math. You got 15 vehicles in a massive civilian dragnet of Hamilton County metro population of 368,000. That is a success rate of .00004 % but you potentially dragnet the entire population of Chattanooga.


Program requires them to be on state routes ( Hwy 58, etc. ). Garett admits your phones track you every day. Would not propose this if it went against "their" beliefs.


Notice it wasn't the Constitution 4th amendment but their own administrative beliefs. It's very different than the MOBILE PHONE and applications. We as consumers can turn it off, leave it at home, don't own one as a choice.

You as the government are FORCING US TO BE TRACKED!

Do we get to leave our TAGS at home now?


How long is the information saved in the system?


90 day retention period


UNTRUE! The system is tied to Motorola National Datacenter who is owned but Zebra Technologies. Both companies do business with China and their terms and conditions state information may be shared with affiliates


​If system used for abuse can the system be backed out of?


There is always a claw-back


​What is actually being collected? Not storing person's name, address, etc?


Very vague description of metadata ( timestamp date, location and specific location of where image occurred ). Only storing hotlist.

NCIC. Amber alerts, silver alerts.. gets a hit on that, can't take action to get additional hit on it from dispatchers


TOTALLY UNTRUE! (Screenshots below) It takes pictures of the vehicles, bumper stickers that show political or religious beliefs that can be optically searched in the future in the system to target specific demographics of people, TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

It also can be linked with the Insurance database and DMV to cross connect the information with all the drivers, photos of drivers. FULL IDENTITY Information.

Only showing hotlist, WRONG storing all vehicles, location, pings on a national level and everywhere you have been located/TRACKED!


Efficient means of locating stolen vehicles. He can run every tag on the street for law enforcement reason and pull that data on that tag. So can other agencies. This gives their agencies and efficient means to scan EVERY VEHICLE to locate stolen vehicles


​Translation. This lets the scan EVERY VEHICLE into a database and mark it's location/image/etc. like a checkout line into the system to be used later. The non LPR method is an officer as probable cause to suspect a vehicle and run ONLY that VEHICLE, not EVERY VEHICLE on the street.. This is MASS DRAGNET surveillance.


That is the only information he is interest in as sheriff are the hits.


This is now a weapon, today he is interested in that data, tomorrow is predecessor wants to go after Trump supports, Christians, etc.. and searches the METADATA for those tags on those vehicles to filter out candidates in the system. 100% likely given the activities of J6 and other events targeting MAGA supporters.


Is Motorola keeping that information and use of that information


Motorola is only approved vendor in TN, no third party sharing. Nothing to do with speed cameras and redlight cameras.


WRONG! Motorola is owned by Zebra. Motorola & Zebra have total rights to provide data sharing to affiliates, partners, etc. Motorola & Zebra have relationships with Communist China.


Grant is specific to state and federal money (tracking)


How long have the Sheriff office been reading license plates?


30 year


Once you buy a car, you give up your rights to be surveilled for 30 years.


Everyone in this room is in the public eye, your car is in the public eye, inside the car you do have expectation of privacy inside that car. You don't have that expectation of privacy anywhere. Watching someone walking down the street is not surveillance but observing them.


​WTH is Baker talking about. At what point does observing become surviellance? You just said inside your car is expectation of privacy but this state approved technology list includes FACIAL recognition software.

Is the sheriff department using this technology and not telling the public like they did with the LPR since May?

No public hearing violating Constitutional 4th amendment?


​We ask the public to be vigilant, but one email about this will restrict us from leaving our district. I am not sure what that meant. Are we in a Russian state? What districts do I live in, interesting comment.. It helps us tangibly to get the bad people.


Nice try Chip, you have known for months City of Chattanooga is a WEF/UN Partner which is open/public about Agenda 2021/2030/America 2050. You are either incompetent as a Commissioner, knowly ignorant or willfully deceptive to the agenda.

So what is it Chip, willful intent to mislead the public?

Are you also an advocate for the Blackrock Communist ESG agenda?

This is a typical liberal (RINO) tactic to defame the people that ask the question to deflect from the real motives behind the acts as if they are stupid for asking the questons to shutdown conversation. NICE TRY!

First you build the prison then you lock everyone down. Are we the citizens the "bad people" in your statement?

Was that a Freudian globalist WEF UN slip?


Joins story time with Garrett. Concerned of not having government oversight and having big government taking over our lives. Back to story time again.


​Yet, Highlander jumped right on the big gov bandwagon with constant accolades to distract from the civil rights infringements.


Wants the agency to have the very best tools and talks about his wife's carjacking.


Garrett's response have waived and concerns of big gov


No understanding of the technology, no investigation of the technology, no validations of the statements by Garrett. He represents the minority communities that will be most impacted and he just threw them under the bus because of slick sales job by Garret without validation.

With representation like this who needs representatives.


I voted on this Soddy Daisy to have camera systems. He is going to support the LPR cameras and not overreach of anyone's right. If it saves one persons life from a dope dealer to save a persons life coming around a school.


Wow where to start. Soddy Daisy, we are so sorry this is the BEST you have to be your representative! He screwed you over twice. He conflated a dope dealer, that wasn't on school grounds, with taking your constitutional rights for freedom of movement to right to privacy.

Good luck in the future with this guy!

BTW: Hey Gene-o you know anything about ILLEGAL BETTING MACHINES TBI raided in Soddy Daisy? Asking for a friend..


You have them vehicles now? It's going to be deployed in the who county? Does this come from county money?


They are built into in-car cameras. It's federal and state money?

He appreciates the commission body and his constitutes voicing their concerns and their time them taking their time to exercise their right to voice their opinion.


At no time did Sherriff Garrett say he supports the Constitution and want to protect those rights to support the constitution. Instead it was about supporting bureaucratic policies defined by the Sherriff Dept over privacy.

Eversole you still work for the Sheriffs Dept as a Reserve Officer?



JUST METADATA ( BULLCRAP! ) Integration into Insurance Data, DMV data they have FULL VIEW of you and EVERY MEMBER of your family associated with that vehicle. Captures images of your vehicle with any bumper stickers, markings, etc that can be searched later. The OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) will read the characters and tag and other information into metadata on your vehicle, not just the tag.

TRACKS EVERYWHERE YOU WENT with a SCHEDULE of dates/times the vehicle hit those locations. Easy search to find vehicle history. Pictures of your vehicle each time it pings.

NATIONWIDE TRACKING tied into other Motorola data centers! Every Motorola camera you encounter throughout the US goes into the data center. 90 day retention, YEA RIGHT. BIG BROTHER ALL THE WAY!

DETAILED PLAYBACK of your MOVEMENTS at the street level with pictures of each step in the way with pictures. Geofencing searches to sweep up multiple vehicles in a geo area.

NATIONAL DATA SHARING Scan/save EVERYTHING and share EVERYWHERE. Please Garrett provide us the contract agreement for the 90 day retention policy. In your own statement you found cars over 6 months from the system, that's beyond the 90 days.


View State Procurement for SWC-450 (supporting documents with models, makes, software, etc ):

Download Documents List of STATE APPROVED technology. Note the Facial Recognition Software to go with LPR!

Signed Contract with State

Motorola Agreements

The data can be shared with affiliates ( this could Zebra their parent, partners, etc which could include the groups tied to Communist China. Think of if, every location you and your family visit will be tracked by these LPR tag readers across the state lines with NO OVERSIGHT, NO AUDITING, NO RECOURSE by citizens. This is BIG BROTHER on sterioids. The LPR sweep up everyone with a vehicle, because not everyone has a cell phone which can be tracked/abused via the SECRET Data Analytical Services (DAS) phone tracking program. Don't worry if your information is stolen, hacked, etc.. they are indemnified for the loss of your personal information. All this centralization of data enables greater hacking opportunities like Memorial Hospital's EPICOR MASSIVE DATA BREACH that compromised their patient records who now need identity services.



We have outlined a number of pro/cons for this program and you as citizens need to let your VOICE be heard with ELECTED OFFICIALS or REPLACE THEM!


- Loss of Constitutional Privacy and other civil liberties

- Tracks your vehicle movement NATIONALLY everywhere you have been across the country and locally. Only a GPS chips under your skin may be a better tracking device. Mark of the beast!

- Infrastructure will now be built to go FULL TOTALITARIAN Agenda 21/2030/America 2050 for 15 Min cities to lock down and tax you. Build the prison first as "security and safety", then start locking people down in it.

- No transparency or oversight from the public during the entire process, who has access to the data, storage, sharing, of if/when it will ever be deleted. Is it all shared with Federal Government through the Motorola affiliation agreements or grants.

- Loss of freedom of movement, privacy and anonymity

- Law enforcement stalkers now have automated way to run tags associated with ex-wifes/ex-girlfriends, just driving by vehicles, houses, etc.. Normal SOP/State Law prohibit police from running tags especially on personal reason, now they don't have to. It will do it all for them. The reader software also lets them know specific address information where tag is found. They can track a cars movement through the county to narrow down locations for personal reasons with ZERO oversight.

- ULTIMATE WEAPON - Change in leadership/administration will turn this into the ultimate weapon against the people. Just look at how the DOJ/FBI have been weaponized by Communist. No checks and balances. We may already be compramised with these REPUBLICANS ( RINOS & Closet Democrats ) who are already building digital prisons as "so called" Conservatives. They are NOT! Just wait til the FULL-ON Communist get a hold of the system! They could just be "Useful Idiots" to quote Marx.


- Exposes Oberfuhrer Garrett for his true intentions, beliefs and Constitutional values and protection of the citizens. It's VERY CLEAR now. - This could be used to open records/FOIA all the metadata/images information and track who are all the members of the Masonic lodges in the area to see who is involved in Government and pushing an New World Order agenda. - This could be used to open records/FOIA and track all our politicians and see who/where there are meeting having affairs or attending Bohemian Grove type events. - We could build our own open source citizens tracking system since our Gov officials are not concerned about anyone's privacy. They won't mind more tracking and public maps of movement, etc! - Lawsuits, injunctions, lawsuits, depositions, lawsuits, purge of Communist officials that violate their Constitutional Oath which causes them to loose indemnity of their office and open to civil lawsuits. Share & contact your Elected Officials and see if they still stand by their police state vote in violation of you and your families Constitutional and right to privacy.

The story is evolving with deeper dive into grants, relationships and more. Our elected officials and Sheriff should be all about transparency and citizens having the right to sunshine.

It's clear we must clean house at multiple levels of local government that re-align with Constitutional Conservatives values and are not equity investors, corrupt developer proxies who are more motivated to selling us out or monitor and lock-down citizens. Some officials are REALLY good at playing DUMB, but then again it may not be an act. We would like to THANK all the Patriots who came out and STOOD UP to defend our citizens rights of Hamilton County! Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and go after this agenda on multiple levels.

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Karen Bracken
Karen Bracken
Nov 28, 2023

Listening to these grant money hungry elected officials makes me sick. The Sheriff actually had the nerve to say that the public is not entitled to privacy when out in the public. Where in our Constitution does it say we are only allowed privacy while out in the public?? Has anyone done any cost/benefit analysis on these license plate readers? 1. either there is no analysis or 2. the analyses would very likely show the cost far outweighs any benefit. WHY has crime increase? Is the increase in crime created in order to drive in surveillance?? Why not more trained police officers? How about refusing to take illegals into your city/county. Could crime be up because of the ill…

Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews
Nov 29, 2023
Replying to

The estimates min is $3000 per camera, not including the Network Operation Center cost, infrastructure, subscription services, etc.. but hey it's just tax payer money. Increase crime, wag the dog to move into a police state. That's why it's important to have leaders with ethics and moral character.

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