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HCDE Discrimination, Cheating & more

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

UPDATE 12/01/2023

Sonya attempts to flee the sinking ship of HCDE she created yet. The grim reaper, but not even the wokest cities want her! Hamilton County Schools deputy superintendent not chosen to lead Minneapolis school district We hear garbage collectors do pretty good. With her experience in pushing DEI woke AntiAmerican Communist garbage it seems like a good fit. We have included a link to job listing to help in her search ( CLICK HERE ) It's a WIN/WIN, because it gets her out of our schools and keeps her away from kids.

She has written a book and here are some of the most egregious excerpts from Sonia's book with more below in earlier article: "All Children Are Our Children."

"The thematic magnet reform effort has not "worked" because most WHITE families in America do not want to send their students to school with BLACK students, regardless of their economic status or the opportunities that a thematic magnet program can offer. "

Her current salary on your tax dollars: HCDE - Deputy Superintendent - Jan 2022 Present - Annual Salary - $143,303.00

Do you think she is worth it?

Original 07/18/2023 HCDE public schools, discrimination across schools, CSLA racism threats to staff who speak up and so much more. More teachers/parents are coming forward. (Document dump below).

Sonya was Johnson's pick and promoted by Justin Robertson, who is letting her run wild violating state/local laws/policies. It's time for the board to FIRE both of them and put in new leadership that is more concerned about education and kids passing TCAP than discrimination practices, cheating and changing the scale in select schools to shift funding and money, resources, etc. while hurting children. This level of discrimination could lead to a massive FEDERAL lawsuit against HCDE.

There is a school board meeting this week and parents are encouraged to come speak their mind! Hamilton County wants EQUALITY in schools not DISCRIMINATION!

Please SHARE with your networks/friends/family to let them know what's going on in HCDE schools.

Groups like NextDoor are blocking this information because it doesn't align with their agenda, even thought these are public officials and on public record already. NOTE: San Fran-based NextDoor runs interference when parents tried to call out groomers/pedophile activities in the communities.

Cheating & lawsuits are not new to Soyna has you can see in these links.

DROP 1: (click image to read) - Frauding the System aka Cheating

DROP 2: (click image to read/watch report ) Nashville Investigation

DROP 3: ( click image to read report ) - The Lawsuit & Investigation

DROP 4: ( click image to read report ) - Leadership Racism

DROP 5: (click image to read report ) - Leadership Discrimination

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Karen Bracken
Karen Bracken
Dec 02, 2023

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt. Dumbing down our children and future leaders of our country has been the plan since Horace Mann first brought Prussian education to our country. The best thing you can do for your kids is to get them out of the system no matter the cost. Many parents have made the sacrifices needed to educate their children at home and there is no better reward in life than to raise healthy (both morally and academically) high achieving children. You won't get that from the public system (and that includes Charter schools.....they ARE privately owned PUBLIC schools). And many private/religious schools are no better.

Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews
Dec 03, 2023
Replying to


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