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No Movement for You!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

CALL TO ACTION at the bottom!

MAJOR VOTE WED 11/15! The Sheriff of Hamilton County, TN is shutting down its citizens' Constitutional 4th Amendment right of privacy and FREEDOM of movement after 227 years in Hamilton County Tennessee. Oberfuhrer Garrett is looking for the County Commission to approve 121 tag reading cameras (mobile) to track EVERY CITIZEN'S movement across Hamilton County. READ: Chattanoogan - 121 License Plate Readers To Be Placed Around Hamilton County He claims it's to fight crime, however 99% of citizens in Hamilton County are NOT CRIMINALS but law abiding with no bills, no warrants, have no criminal history, etc. If you read the law it states "criminals". This is a gross violation of civil liberties, not to mention other TCA laws. Tenn. Code § 55-8-198-F-2 (2) Notwithstanding subdivision (f)(1), in accordance with applicable state and federal laws governing the use or management of highway rights-of-way and subject to the approval of the federal highway administration as required by federal law, the department of transportation is authorized, but not required, to permit the installation of surveillance cameras operated by law enforcement agencies on federal interstate highways and state roads as a non-highway use of the highway right-of-way for the purpose of aiding in criminal investigations or searches for missing or endangered persons to the extent that such use is consistent with the continued use, operations, maintenance, and safety of the highway facility and does not interfere with the free and safe flow of traffic; provided, that these cameras shall not be used to enforce or monitor state or local traffic violations or issue citations for such violations No mention of tag readers. The tag readers DO NOT discriminate from lawful and unlawful individuals. In fact they TRACK your GPS and can scan/capture 1000s of tags per hour up to speeds of 70MPH in most cases. They can use these cameras on roads, malls, resaurants, movies, parks anywhere people are located. Logging everything in the process, blanket surveillance. Here are details on these UNCONSTITUTIONAL tag readers and about the technology and what they can do.

This is a subsection of the guidelines from MCCA Automated License Plate Readers Technology The technology is evolving quickly and the use of AI and data warehouses to store all your previous movements makes it an ad hoc weapon to use against you.

This is 100% county wide tracking of every citizens on the road and their movements without warrants or commission of a CRIME. This is "Minority Report" in the making and it's clear Fuhrer Garrett is more concerned about COMMAND AND CONTROL building out his WEF "15 Min City" infrastructure than the Tennessee and US Constitution's 4th Amendment and privacy rights of you and your kids. First you build the infrastructure, under false pretenses, then you turn up the heat like frogs boiling in a pot of water to apply enforcement/fees/taxation if you wander out of your ZONES, just like in Oxford England today. These citizens actively fighting WEF 15min cities. We are watching the weaponization of law enforcement against US citizens. This act in combination with HCSO's recent post about having the largest/active drone fleet in the area should concern all law-abiding citizens. Are their warrants for all their drone monitoring activities? Remember it all falls under "Your Safety" just like the Nazi's in WW2 told the Jews before herding them into concentration camps.

Did you know the Sheriff's drone pilots are required to be FAA certified with flight logs, so citizens are entitled to Federal FOIA those flight logs and/or open records them in Tennessee public records act.

The timing of Denesh D'Souza's Police State couldn't be more appropriate and captures such abusive and illicit activities in our community and across the nation.

Jim Hammond turned our schools into mini-prison training centers with SRO, barbed wire fences, dogs and more since the 1980/1990s. We see why parents are leaving for home school/private schools in droves. Now his protege Fuhrer Garrett is building the digital concentration camp of the 21st Century with the help of UN/WEF-owned Tim Kelly and Globalist RINO Weston Wamp. It's hard to believe they grew up in Hamilton County and forgot the meaning of the "Volunteer State" and our commitment to FREEDOM!

Do you want to live in a POLICE STATE or a FREEDOM-Loving Constitutional Tennessee community most of the citizens grew up in? Why isn't the Sheriff investigating the massive human trafficking by Biden administration/Feds through HC instead of deputizing Feds into his staff that could thwart local investigations? Like adding drug cartel members to fentanyl investigations. Why isn't he investigating conspiracy to commit fraud (internal text messages & new article) costing 71MM per year being embezzed by HCDE Central Office from HC taxpayers hiding illegals as homeless violating multiple state laws (even under homeless)? New Tennessee Conservative Article The State AG is suing the Biden administration on how many are being dumped in Hamilton County, but Sheriff is nowhere when the planes, busses are moving through the areas. Why isn't he investigating the clear evidence of tampering, chain of custody breaks and many other election irregularies/interferance activities in the Hamilton County Government/Hamilton County Election Commission? Nope, it's more about tracking & surveillance of you! Easier to go after TAX PAYING CITIZENS than criminals. CALL TO ACTION, ONLY YOU! Call/email your Hamilton County Commissioners to DENY this multi-million dollar funding of this program to enslave Hamilton County citizens. If it passes remember who voted for it because they DO NOT CARE about the Constitution, Civil Liberties and Freedom. They need to be REPLACED ASAP in the next election. Contact Information: County Mayor Weston Wamp (423) 209-6100 Call all Commissioners at 423-209-7200

Also email to:

District 2 - Chip Baker email:

District 6 - David Sharpe email:

Sign up to join lawsuits against Sheriff Dept if this goes through, along UTC's Center for Urban Informatics and Progress under the direction of Dr. Mina Sartipi and the City of Chattanooga 150 intersection cameras building a city/countwide survellance system violating multiple TCA laws and US Code, especially for a woman or if you have kids. Join lawsuit(s) on Civil Liberties, Surveillance, Cameras & Constitutional Rights Become a Citizen Journalist, file Open Records Request, Federal FOIA Requests, and report tips. Transparency is the best DISENFECTANT against CORRUPTION and FASCIST ACTS in our communities.

Join James Okeefe Media Group Project ONLY YOU can ensure FREEDOM! You MUST get INVOLVED! NO ONE is going to do it for you! We are coming up on an election year and RIGHT NOW is the time to pickup to run for office and ensure enshrined CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES remain in Tennessee and America. Don't be an armchair quarterback, get off the sofa and GET ENGAGED!


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