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HCDE: Your Fired!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

READ ARTICLE DROP 1: YOU’RE FIRED! Superintendent Dr. Justin Robertson and Assistant Supt. Sonia Stewart and cronies MUST BE FIRED TODAY!

They have implemented administrative activities NOT ADOPTED by the HAMITON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD. Sonia has a checkered past with her school in Nashville changing the scale ( same thing here ) to lie about the scores. Additional investigations coming on her and others.

Teams/parents are building evidence on the 20+ grievances filed against Superintendent Dr. Justin Robertson, Assistant Supt. Sonia Stewart and principal of CSLA along with violations and threats bringing in the Tennessee Department of Labor and threats made by Administratos/HR to the people involved.


Hey Justin it's game-on for citizen reporting in HCDE schools and taking back our schools systems from these woke wackjobs you have put in place. You may have passed guidelines from phones, but you forgot the Constitution and Freespeech. Please violates someones Constitutiona rights and DISCOVERY is going to be GREAT! The cover-up is usually a greater story than the crime.

Great thing about wistle blowers. Some officials might want to start dusting off those resumes, maybe there is another schools system they can destroy.

More information coming on the other players, documents, assocations and much more coming.

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