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HCDE: Drop 4 Leadership Racism

DROP 4: How did RACISM CO-OP control over Hamilton County Schools. Sonia Stewart wrote a book on Amazon.


We would like to offer quotes directly from her book.

Quote: "It feels like a white school"

Let that sink in, in a school district where 88.3% of the kids are WHITE and she clearly doesn't like or respect white folks.

Pages 67-69, Chapter, "Breaking the Law" Sonia writes, "This is a story about a time when I broke the law. I could say that this is the only time I broke the law as a principal in a situation like this one, and that may or may not be true." She goes on to explain how she violated TN State law because it was the student's 2nd offense and was required that he be expelled for a full calendar year. She ends the story with this heartwarming line, "I suppose some laws may just be meant to be broken."

Given the lawsuits, her wrongfully changing policy without school board approval along with her statements in her book - it all paints a clear picture of an individual for whom LAWS and POLICIES mean nothing. This individual shouldn't be anywhere around kids or running a school system.

We now found JUSTIN's master driving the Communist SEAD agenda. Too bad he is too placid or a co-conspirator to these acts and the intentional dumbing down of Hamilton County kids.

QUESTION: Justin, can you explain your qualification process?

Do candidates have to cite "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx to be qualified in leadership.

Do they have to bring their own RADICAL MARXIST gang to CSLA meetings with Karitsa to ambush Principals and make false claims of RACISM to keep the staff in line? Typical FASCIST tactic.

The parents and citizens are waking up to your agenda!

Stay Tuned!

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