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Leaked Audio of Local HCGOP Chair

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

LEAKED! Hamilton County Republican Party Chair Arch Trimble IV audio tape was leaked from a meeting with Republican Women 5/18/2022.

Arch openly calls America 1st Republicans RINOs if you don't support fraudulently elected UniParty candidate Weston Wamp who is an openly stated anti-Trumper on his social media along with his dad Zach Wamp. Trump the most popular President in American History who cleared the deck of 17 Establishment Republicans is an America1st Republican!

He continues telling the Republicans to be more liberal citing the most liberal US Senator in Tennessee history, Lamar Alexander, not a conservative!

Arch, tells the losing candidates to suck it up. No bias or concern for fraud!

Let this sink in, the head of Hamilton County Republican party openly endorsed spoiling the Republic ballot and engaging in TCA Code Class D Felony commending Former Chattanooga City Councilman and Democrat Chris Anderson who openly bragged about spoiling the Republican ballot on his social media saying, "And they said Democrats couldn't elect a county mayor!". This also is a violation of state law, all documented.

He continues with another CEC member Mark Harrison both admitting NOT DOING ANYTHING to prevent Democrats from spoiling the Republican ballot and enforcing state law to bonify republicans or requiring an OATH to receive a republican ballot. These acts totally disenfranchises the Republican base and frauded the Republican vote. This shows the so called LEADER of HCGOP doesn't give a RIP about your vote! He is more focused on BROADENING THE BASE WITH DEMOCRATS and UNIPARTY not America 1st Conservatives. #wakeup

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