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Part 2: The Network / Pipeline

Part 2: Tyner/Howard initiative (and more). The group League of Women Voters of Chattanooga is the start of the pipeline for Voter Trafficking. This group originally started as non-patrician, however data and FBI records show they have moved to the far left with backers like Soros, ActBlue, Ford Foundation and many more.

Their state leader Marian Ott ( is a mega progressive along with their local leaders according to their voter history. They are all part of the national organization run out of DC.

Marian Ott Campaign Contributions: The group has tentacles across the state. See supporting docs.

The Chattanooga Chapter as publicly stated they registered 1200 new voters in Hamilton County (aka screened 1200 voters for the next phase).

They have established partnerships with National Coalition of 100 Black Women (NCBE), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ( our traffickers at Howard/Tyner ) and others.

This LWV has been involved in illegal activities in the past as shown in FBI records.

Read: This group is heavily funded by DARK MONEY, PACS and Mega Progressive groups.

More information coming on their activities in coming weeks on the extent of the location operations as more election data is released, cell phone tracking data and more.


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