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Unconstitutional & Voter Disenfranchisement

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We reached out to the Hamilton County Election Commission over concerns over constitutional violations in Hamilton County Tennessee in upcoming August 2022 election cycle. The May 2022 election turned out to be a total disaster. The Hamilton County Election Commission, Secretary of State and the Tennessee Republican Party demonstrated their total incompetence in protecting the vote for the Citizens of Tennessee violating multiple state laws with massive organized RAIDING of BALLOT by Democrats to spoil Republican candidates. This resulted in the MOST election challenges in Tennessee State History. You would think the Republican establishment, led by Scott Golden, would be furious and want to rectify the injustice by setting aside elections to be re-run, caucused or other remedies, but NO, the complacency of the SEC and incompetent leadership continues to thrive. If it were a 100% FRAUD the Tennessee Republican Party would certified it! Who needs Republicans when Democrats run the party! More investigations coming on the voting history of the SEC Members, Uniparty/RINOs and compromised individuals in leadership of the party in coming weeks.

The May election is now spilt milk but surely everything is fixed leading into August? The answer is a resounding NO. New information is coming to light every day along with new unconstitutional acts by Hamilton County Election Commission and the Tennessee Secretary of State led by Tre Hargett. Email Send to Election Commission on 6/8/2020 Dear Election Commission, it has been reported Greg Martin will NOT be removed as County Commissioner from the upcoming ballot but instead be listed TWICE on the ballot VIOLATING THE STATE CONSTITUTION & LAW. The statement reported for not removing him from the ballot is because his appointment to State Rep occurred after the withdrawal date so there was NO WAY for him to withdrawal. This would have to be done directly by the ELECTION COMMISSION using COMMON SENSE. Instead the HC Election Commission is taking the stand to violate the STATE CONSTITUTION and DISENFRANCHISE VOTERS that DO NO KNOW Mr Martin is no longer eligible to run as County Commissioner hence stripping off votes to his name from qualified candidates. Is this intentional by the Election Commission? We have included a copy of the STATE CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 2 Section 26 for your review. Note the section on dual offices. "Section 26. No judge of any court of law or equity, secretary of state, attorney general, register, clerk of any Court of Record, or person holding any office under the authority of the United States, shall have a seat in the General Assembly; nor shall any person in this state hold more than one lucrative office at the same time; provided, that no appointment in the Militia, or to the Office of Justice of the Peace, shall be considered a lucrative office, or operative as a disqualification to a seat in either House of the General Assembly." Do you have any statement/comments for the above? Thank You PE - Chattanooga

The Hamilton County Election Commission response 6/9/2020

We have received your email, and as you are aware, this is not common in Hamilton County. We can understand why there might be some concern; however, please know that we have researched and verified with the State Division of Elections that this process is legal. We are including the below response from the Assistant Coordinator where you can see that our office DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to remove Mr. Martin from the ballot for either office:

"Briefly stated, Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-5-101(f)(5) prohibits the same person from running for two state offices, two judicial offices, or two county offices on the same ballot. Specifically, Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-5-101(f)(5) states the following:

No candidate, whether independent or represented by a political party, may be permitted to submit and have accepted by any election commission, more than one (1) qualifying petition, or otherwise qualify and be nominated, or have such candidate's name anywhere appear on any ballot for any election or primary, wherein such candidate is attempting to be qualified for and nominated or elected to more than one (1) state office as described in either 2-13-202(1) or (2) or in article VI of the Constitution of Tennessee or more than one (1) constitutional county office described in article VII, 1 of the Constitution of Tennessee or any other county-wide office, voted on by voters during any primary or general election.

This statutory provision does not prohibit a person from running for a county office and a state office at the same time on the same ballot. Therefore, the Hamilton County Election Commission did not have any authority to refuse to place a candidate on the ballot for the Hamilton County Legislative Body and the Tennessee House of Representatives.”

We recommend reaching out to the State Division of Elections if you have any further concern as our direction came directly from them regarding this matter.

Have a great day.

Hamilton County Election Commission

700 River Terminal Road | Chattanooga, TN 37406

Office Number: 423-209-VOTE | Fax: 423-209-8686

To update your address or register to vote, go to:

As you can see by the response from the Election Commission, election integrity is still NOT a priority of the Hamilton County Election commission nor the Tennessee Secretary of State. Furthermore the recent series of investigations and evidence raise more concerns of malfeasance and dereliction of duty by the HC Election Commission and the Secretary of State that require further investigation by Federal Authorities. Their activities are far from TRANSPARENT under Tennessee State law. Every citizen needs to KNOCK DOWN THE DOORS on their Legislators to fix these blatant issues with Tennessee State Law while giving more teeth to open records request with penalties for non-compliance by government agencies. Only you can make a difference!

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