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Call To Action HCGOP Republicans!

The release of the leaked audio and all the supporting evidence showing the massive Democrat crossover to spoil the Republican primary is overwhelming! It MUST BE SET ASIDE and redone with bonified republicans and documented oaths signed under penalty of perjury defined by state law. #redo Review Leaked Audio Tape The America1st Republicans MUST take the party & elections back from the UNIPARTY RINOs that are more concerned about gaining power than serving the people, selling out to the Democrats in the process. CALL and EMAIL TODAY the Tennessee State Republican Chair Scott Golden and Tennessee SEC Members to TURN OVER the primary election. Tell them to STAND UP to FRAUD and send a clear message to the Democrats in Hamilton County that spoiling the vote will not be tolerated! Let them know we are TIRED of EMPTY PROMISES and FECKLESS ACTS of Republican Leadership and Legislators letting Democrats RUN AWAY WITH FRAUDED ACTS AGAIN AND AGAIN and just saying NEXT ELECTION! It's time the GROW A SPINE and FIGHT BACK or it's TIME TO SPLIT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY into a NEW America1st Party! State of Tennessee GOP Chair Scott Golden


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